Emporio Armani إمبريو أرماني

Because Its You For Women 100ml - Eau De Parfum

عطر بيكوز إتس يو للنساء - او دي بارفيوم

509 SR
عطر برائحة آسرة لأنثى مليئة بالحب والعاطفة تبدأ رائحة العطر بزهر البرتقال والتوت الاحمر والليمون. طبقة العطر الوسطى تحتوي على الورد، وتنتهي بقاعدة من المسك والفانيليا وخشب العنبر
Because It’s You is happy, delicious and sparkling perfume for women: simply irresistible like a ripe raspberry in its perfect and most elegant naturalness when combined with neroli notes. What does this tantalising young woman hide in her heart? This women’s fragrance is unabashedly feminine, full, instinctive and passionate. Her charm is immediately apparent, like the addictive and sophisticated rose absolute scent. Because It’s You plays with her powers of seduction as vanilla mixes with musk, revealing a complex and incredibly deep sensuality. Bold and immediately captivating, Emporio Armani’s neroli & vanilla notes express the urgency of a love that takes every chance to declare itself: BECAUSE IT’S YOU.

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