Mancera مانسيرا

Black to Black 120ml - Eau de Parfum

عطر بلاك تو بلاك - او دي بارفيوم

545 SR
مانسيرا بلاك تو بلاك للرجال والنساء من عائلة العطور الشرقية الخشبية عطر من من بيت أزياء مانسيرا
Black Line by Mancera is an Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Black Line was launched in 2013. The top note is spicy notes; middle notes rose, patchouli, amber and leather; base notes are white musk, sandalwood and guaiac wood. Perfumer Pierre Mancera opened his first Mancera luxurious perfume boutique at Place Vendome in Paris. Mancera perfumes are made from precious and luxurious ingredients, rare and refined materials, inspired by Art Deco design.

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