Calvin Klein كالفن كلاين

Secret Obsession For Women 100ml - Eau de Parfum

عطر سيكرت أوبسيشن للنساء - او دو بارفيوم

259 SR
عطر زهري شرقي فاخر تركيبة عطرية تجمع بين الورد الدمشقي والياسمين المصري وزهر البرتقال وقاعدة من خشب الصندل والعنبر
Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein Perfume. Find a women's scent that embodies desire in the wildly popular Obsession line by Calvin Klein. A 2008 launch by the prolific American fashion and fragrance brand, Secret Obsession seduces with an opulent Oriental floral formula featuring scent notes scoured from across the globe. A romantic bouquet of Damascus rose, Egyptian jasmine and French orange blossom is accented by exotic plum and nutmeg spice. Fall under the spell of Secret Obsession with a whiff of its enthralling potion.

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